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Our Patriots

The following list honors our members’ Patriots.
DAR Patriots are individuals who aided in the cause of American independence through military, civil, and/or patriotic service.
If you think you might have a Patriot ancestor in your family history, please contact us. 

Boling Adcock, North Carolina, Patriotic Service

Oliver Bailey, Connecticut, Private

Joseph Barksdale, Virginia, Patriotic Service, Soldier

Joseph Barnes, Sr., Massachusetts, Captain

John Barron, South Carolina, Private

John Barstow, Connecticut, Private

Austin Beardsley, New York, Patriotic Service

Ezekiel G. Benbrook, North Carolina, Captain

James Benson, Pennsylvania, Private, Patriotic Service

Edmund Bishop, Virginia, Patriotic Service

Thomas Blackburn, Pennsylvania, Patriotic Service

Richard Bland, Virginia, Patriotic Service

Ichabod Bosworth, Connecticut, Lieutenant

William Bowie, Maryland, Lieutenant

Israel H. Bowker, Massachusetts, Sergeant

John Boyd, Pennsylvania, Captain

John Boyle, Virginia, Captain

Robert Brantley, North Carolina, Lieutenant, Patriotic Service

Daniel Bronson, South Carolina, Private

John Buchanan, Virginia, Civil Service

Jonathan Buell. Connecticut, Civil Service

Asa Bull, Connecticut, Private

Micajah Bullock, North Carolina, Captain, Civil Service, Patriotic Service

Joshua Bussey, Maryland, Patriotic Service

John Caffery, Virginia, North Carolina, Captain, Patriotic Service

Josiah Carter, Virginia, Patriotic Service

George Catlett, Virginia, Lieutenant, Patriotic Service

Peter Chapin, Massachusetts, Private

Hezekiah Clift, Connecticut, Private

John Coulter, New Jersey, Sergeant

Noah Cowles, Connecticut, Private, Patriotic Service

James Cox, Virginia, Patriotic Service

John Cox, Virginia, Patriotic Service

George Cromer, South Carolina, Soldier

Christopher Crose, New Jersey, Civil Service

Walter Crow, Virginia, Civil Service, Patriotic Service

John Dalby, Virginia, Patriotic Service

Henry Darrah, Pennsylvania, Captain

Joseph Dawkins, South Carolina, Private 

John Day, Massachusetts, Private

Philip Day, North Carolina, Private

Abraham Dean, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Private

James Pemberton De Jarnette, Virginia, Captain, Civil Service, Patriotic Service

Dudley Diggs, Virginia, Patriotic Service

John Donaldson, Sr.,Virginia, North Carolina, Colonel, Patriotic Service

Ambrose Harrison Duncan, North Carolina, Patriotic Service

Simeon Dwight, Sr., Massachusetts, Patriotic Service

John Easley, South Carolina, Lieutenant, Patriotic Service

Samuel Elgin, Maryland, Private

John Fambrough, Virginia, Corporal

Joel Ferguson, Virginia, Patriotic Service

John Ficklin, Virginia, Private

John Fife, Sr., Pennsylvania, Patriotic Service

Jabez Fisher, Massachusetts, Civil Service 

Leonard Fite, New Jersey, Private

John Fleetwood, Delaware, Patriotic Service

Thomas Flory, Virginia, Patriotic Service

John Follin, Virginia, Sailor, Patriotic Service

Matthew French, Virginia, Private, Patriotic Service

Henry Gabel, Pennsylvania, Private, Patriotic Service

Benadam Gallup, Sr., Connecticut, Lieutenant Colonel, Patriotic Service

Samuel Gowdy, Sr., Connecticut, Civil Service, Patriotic Service 

Richard Green, North Carolina, Soldier, Patriotic Service 

Abraham Hadley, Massachusetts, Private

William Halbert, Virginia, Lieutenant

Michael Hargan, Pennsylvania, Private 

Aaron Harlan, Sr., North Carolina, Patriotic Service

Samuel Harlan, South Carolina, Soldier

Jonathan Harrington, Sr., Massachusetts, Civil Service, Patriotic Service 

Seth Hastings, Connecticut, Staff Officer 

Robert Hathaway, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Private 

Benjamin Head, Virginia, Captain, Patriotic Service 

William Herndon, Virginia, Private

Oldham Hightower, North Carolina, Patriotic Service

John Hinchman, New Jersey, Soldier 

Samuel Homan, Pennsylvania, Private

James Horrel, Pennsylvania, Captain 

Mathias Houck, Maryland, Private

Israel House, Connecticut, Private

Abraham Howe, Jr., Massachusetts, Corporal

George Robert Twelves Hughes, Massachusetts, Private, Patriotic Service

John James, Massachusetts, Private

Joel Johns, Virginia, Patriotic Service 

John Jolliff, Virginia, Lieutenant

Benjamin Keen, Maryland, Captain

John Keyser, Pennsylvania, Patriotic Service

James Kolb, South Carolina, Patriotic Service 

Joseph Lewis, Connecticut, Private

Abraham Lichtenwalter, Pennsylvania, Private, Patriotic Service 

James Little, Georgia, Colonel

Joseph Lively, Virginia, Patriotic Service 

Philip Long, Virginia, Private

William Loving, Virginia, Civil Service, Patriotic Service

William Lyle, Maryland, Civil Service, Patriotic Service, Lieutenant Colonel 

Andrew Lynn, Pennsylvania, Captain 

Charles McAnally, North Carolina, Captain, Civil Service, Patriotic Service

William McCullar, Massachusetts, Private

Robert McTeer, Pennsylvania, Patriotic Service

Jacob Mercer, Georgia, Private 

David Minear, Virginia, Private, Patriotic Service 

John Minthorn, New York, Captain

Morris Mitchell, Pennsylvania, Private 

John Morris, North Carolina, Patriotic Service

Thomas Morris, North Carolina, Patriotic Service

Samuel Morton, North Carolina, Soldier, Patriotic Service

William Moultrie, Sr., South Carolina, Major General, Patriotic Service 

George Naylor, Pennsylvania, Private

Benjamin Norman, New Jersey, Private

John Outwater, New Jersey, Captain

Oliver Partridge, Massachusetts, Civil Service 

William Penland, North Carolina, Lieutenant, Patriotic Service 

John Perkins, Massachusetts, Private 

Samuel Phetteplace, Rhode Island, Private

Martin Pickett, Virginia, Colonel, Patriotic Service

Thomas Porter, New Hampshire, Patriotic Service

James Potts, North Carolina, Private

Reuben Pound, Georgia, Corporal

William Preston, New Hampshire, Sergeant

Elijah Pugh, Georgia, Patriotic Service

John Quick, Sr., New York, Patriotic Service

Edmund Quincy, Jr., Massachusetts, Private, Patriotic Service

Joel Ramsay, North Carolina, Private 

Henry Rewalt, Pennsylvania, Private, Patriotic Service 

Abraham Riggs, Virginia, Patriotic Service 

Benjamin Roberts, Vermont, Private 

John Roger, North Carolina, Civil Service

Michael Rogers, North Carolina, Colonel, Patriotic Service

Benjamin Rush, North Carolina, Patriotic Service

Robert Sanderson, Pennsylvania, Captain, Patriotic Service

Robert Sanford, Virginia, Soldier

James Savage, Massachusetts, Soldier 

Garret Schenck, New Jersey, Lieutenant 

John Scott, Sr., Virginia, Captain, Civil Service, Patriotic Service

Richard Searcy, North Carolina, Captain, Patriotic Service

Seth Sears, New York, Private 

Francisco Segura, Louisiana, Patriotic Service

Peter Seitz, North Carolina, Captain 

William Shaw, Maryland, Patriotic Service

Anthony Shomo, Pennsylvania, Ensign 

Daniel Sizer, Connecticut, Sergeant 

John Sledge, Virginia, Patriotic Service 

Samuel Smith, North Carolina, Private

Jacob Souder, Virginia, Private 

John Stark, New Jersey, Colonel

Richard Stockton, New Jersey, Patriotic Service, Singer of Declaration of Independence

John Stull, Maryland, Civil Service, Patriotic Service, Colonel

James Swart, Virginia, Private

Stephen Sweet, Massachusetts, Staff Officer

Benjamin Talcott, Sr., Connecticut, Civil Service

William Tapp, Jr., North Carolina, Patriotic Service 

Parshall Terry, Sr,. Connecticut, Private

Peter Thompson, North Carolina, Soldier 

Jacob Troup, Virginia, Private 

Mary Troup, Virginia, Patriotic Service

Joseph Underwood, Virgina, Soldier

George Walker, Jr., Virginia, Private 

Andrew Wallace, Virginia, Patriotic Service

John Waller, Virginia, Patriotic Service 

William Watkins, Connecticut, Private 

Robert Weakley, Sr., Virginia, Patriotic Service

John Webb, Georgia, Private, Patriotic Service

Luke Wessels, New York, Soldier

Adam Wetzel, Virginia, Captain, Patriotic Service 

John Whitaker, Virginia, Patriotic Service 

Oliver Wilder, Vermont, Corporal 

Abraham Williamson, New Jersey, Private, Patriotic Service

Elnathan Wilson, Connecticut, Private 

Samuel Wilson, North Carolina, Patriotic Service 

Daniel Winn, Virginia, Patriotic Service 

Thomas Winn, Virginia, Patriotic Service 

Abraham Winslow, Massachusetts, Private 

William Witcher, Virginia, Captain, Civil Service

John Word, Virginia, Patriotic Service

Moses Wright, Virginia, Private 

Samuel Young, Massachusetts, Private